Take your recordings to the next level today by following some simple proven steps and start creating rockin’ tracks out of the gear you own!

If you’ve ever…

    • Wished you had a simple, methodical way to approach you recordings, that can give you reliable results over time
    • Wondered if the sound you’re getting is anyhow “right”
    • Asked what are some excellent affordable microphones
    • Felt frustrated as, no matter how many techniques you tried, you could never get decent results (and recording lost its fun)
    • Wished you knew how to approach recording levels with awareness
    • Struggled with things like bit depth and sample rate (and all the fuss behind them)
    • Wanted to know some working tricks you can use to get the best results out of your current gear

…I know that feeling. That’s the reason why there’s my eBook The Recording Roadmap, to help home studio folks like you. It will give you a clear path you can follow each and every time, that will boost some creativity back and lead you to great recordings. Just fill in your email address below and you’ll get instant access to download a FREE copy!

Topics Include

  • What you need to know to start with the right foot
  • A handful of mindsets for approaching recording the smart way
  • Why avoid overplaying and thinking “big picture” is important
  • The “sweet spot” for your microphone
  • How can you benefit from some acoustic treatment
  • Understanding bit depth and sample rate once and for all
  • Proper gain staging and why recording “as hot as you can” is bad
  • Creative tips to get more out of your current gear
Wheter you’re just entering the world of recording or you’re already skilled, The Recording Roadmap will give you some valuable insights and mindsets you can use to plan your next recording projects and start making better music today!

- Fab

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