Welcome mate! What about making your songs come to life? I mean, right now!
Some basic gear is essential, but no, you don’t need all that stuff you keep reading around…
All you really need is some training and a bit of strategy! 
That’s what I would like to give you with this blog. I really hope you can find some useful informations here, something that can contribute to enhance your creativity and your skills, motivate you and let you reach that “ultimate pro sound” you’re after!
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- Fab

The Mindset

When talking about audio and recording, most people fall in a trap that will forever hold them back from making music… They always think they need something more before they can make it happen. My goal here is to help people understand they can actually make great music out of their home studios using some simple gear. With technology becoming more and more affordable as the time goes by, now we have easy access to all the stuff we need to produce our music with excellent results.

The Author

My name is Fab Sanfilippo and I am a geeky Italian mixer, producer, guitar player and author of this blog. I am really passionate about recording, music and technology in general and decided to create this site to share my musical journey and my personal experience with the world, trying to encourage people to turn the music they’ve in mind into reality, overcoming the need for more tools.
To check out some of my musical works, head over to my website at FabSanfilippo.com.